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About Solartaxi

Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Palmer Louis
initiator & tour director & driver
When the whole worlds is talking about Global Warming, it's time to show the solutions!

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Der Wettermann: Selbst fährt er ein ...


Solartaxi sets world record, reaches home ...


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29.06.2008Video: The Solartaxi reaches Beijing

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picture of the day

Click HERE to watch it and find out if we managed to put the taxi on top of the great ...

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23.06.2008Video: the Road to Beijing

Tags: China       Comments: 1

Click here to watch the problems we had reaching China's capital...



Tags: China       Comments: 2

More pictures and the story soon to come


17.05.2008A Swarm of Bees on the Highway

Tags: China       Comments: 0

Like a true Swiss, Louis Palmer takes advantage of a break in the driving to storm up the region's ...

17.05.2008On Mount Taoshan

Tags: China       Comments: 0

Today we climbed the holly Mount Taoshan


17.05.2008Solar Taxi on the way to Beijing

Tags: China       Comments: 0

After four nights in Shanghai, we leave for Beijing. The Swiss consul Hanspeter Willy guides us out of the city ...

17.05.2008Solar Taxi in Shanghai

Tags: China       Comments: 0

Reaching Shanghai means the Solar Taxi has completed just on 30,000 kilometres of its journey round the world ...


Tags: China       Comments: 0

We've made it two thirds of the way round the globe
Reaching Shanghai means the Solar Taxi has completed ...

15.05.2008From Shanghai to Xuzhou

Tags: China       Comments: 0

The tour goes on. With the fastest electric vehicle in the world.


10.05.2008From Hangzhou to the PV Expo in Shanghai

Tags: China       Comments: 3

When I got invited to attend the PV Expo in Shanghai, I was in Australia. Since that day, I had ...

08.05.2008In Hangzhou

Tags: China       Comments: 2

Where the Silk Road ends: Hangzhou


05.05.2008A great welcome in Xinyu

Tags: China       Comments: 0

Dead-straight highways and kilometres of tunnels cut through the brilliant green Chinese mountain landscape, making the Swiss and the Germans ...

04.05.2008A great welcome in Xinyu

Tags: China       Comments: 3

What an eventful day in Xinyu! Police escorts, meeting the leaders of the city, a visit to LDK etc . LDK ...

03.05.2008From Shenzhen to Xinyu

Tags: China       Comments: 3

From Shenzhen we took the highway to Xinyu to visit our co-sponsor LDK, a leading manufacturer of solar wafers.



Tags: China       Comments: 0

From fishing village to modern metropolis - Shenzhen in southeastern China has become an industrial city in just a few decades ...


Tags: China       Comments: 4

Where China starts into the future - the 8 million city of Shenzhen

28.04.2008From Nanning to Guangzhou, China

Tags: China       Comments: 1

Welcome to a city of 10 million people: Guangzhou! The solar taxi plays an official taxi between the International Trade ...

24.04.2008Across Southern China

Tags: China       Comments: 2

Mountains,. mountains, mountains, lots of potholes and a cloudy sky

22.04.2008Welcome to China

Tags: China       Comments: 0

 The road from Luang Prabang to China is riddled with potholes. The Solar Taxi bumps and grinds. Hardly anybody ever ...

20.04.2008Great welcome in Kunming

Tags: China       Comments: 2

A flower park, a downtown full of electric scooters and many other things to see in Kunming


18.04.2008From Laos to China

Tags: China       Comments: 0

Finally, a big dream has come true: We have arrived in China!