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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Grossenbacher Juerg
"Not every day it is possible to join such a tour, but every day it's possible do something to stop global warming"

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19.03.2008From Perth to Singapore

Tags: Australia       Comments: 4

picture of the day

We now have a break, while the solar taxi is being transprted from Perth to Singapore.

Happy Easter!!

the solar ...

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14.03.2008Potholes and Solar Turbos

Tags: Australia       Comments: 1

Solar Taxi is taking a break. On a ship from Perth to Singapore, Louis Palmer and his crew rest after ...

07.03.2008Vision and Apathy

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

Subdued party mood in the Solar Taxi. Louis Palmer arrives in Perth to an enthusiastic reception. The Solar Taxi has ...

03.03.2008SOLAR TAXI ON THE ROAD TO PERTH A Close Call with a Kangaroo Cadaver

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

A record performance for the Solar Taxi. Louis Palmer drives 375 kilometres across the deserted Nullarbor Plain. As always, he ...

28.02.2008SOLAR TAXI AMONG THE ABORIGINES In the Middle of Nowhere

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

They take from nature only what they can give back and are happy when the children are happy. A visit ...

26.02.2008Polar Bears and Electro-Dragsters

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

The Solar Taxi is in a racing car fever. At the Touring Car Championships in Adelaide Louis Palmer amazes spectators ...

20.02.2008A varied day in Adelaide with a bike theft, the Lord Mayor and Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

Travelling by Solar Taxi is also an emotional roller coaster. First of all, the Solar Taxi is stopped by the ...

19.02.2008Cows and other Climate Killers

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

In bone-dry Australia even dairy cows are competing for water. At the Sustainable Living Festival Solar Taxi driver Louis Palmer ...

15.02.2008Sunny Times in a Sunburnt Country

Tags: Australia       Comments: 1

The Solar Taxi is in Melbourne, where Louis Palmer meets with uncomplicated hospitality and committed environmentalists. At tzhe same time ...

12.02.2008Kangaroos and Coal Plants

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

On his quest in the Solar Taxi for solutions to global warming Louis Palmer visits a huge coal-fired power station ...

08.02.2008Solartaxi in Canberra: Washing Machines in a Spin

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0


The Solar Taxi has arrived in Canberra, said to be the bike capital as well as the political capital of ...

06.02.2008Down Under in a Downpour

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

South Eastern Australia is inundated. Even kangaroos are fleeing the soaking rain and the Solar Taxi once again develops defects ...

02.02.2008A Swiss summit in Sydney

Tags: Australia       Comments: 2

A washed-up press event, a week of non-stop rain and a broken windscreen wiper - the Solar Taxi is up against ...

31.01.2008Bikinis, BBQs and Bureaucrats

Tags: Australia       Comments: 3


The Solar Taxi has arrived Down Under. But Louis Palmer has yet to meet the Australians’ famed easygoing attitude. Driving ...

30.01.2008Meeting Rudi and his Vegi Oil Mercedes in Sydney

Tags: Australia       Comments: 0

Guess who we met in Sydney?! Our travel mate Rudi from Lucerne, Switzerland, travelling overland in a vegi oil 1982 ...

23.12.2007A Volcano Erupts on The Horizon

Tags: Rainbow Warrior       Comments: 0

After the hectic pace of the Climate Conference on Bali, the Solar Taxi crew and Louis Palmer are enjoying the ...