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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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23.11.2007On the way to UN World Climate Conference in Bali

Tags: India       Comments: 2

picture of the day

The solartaxi has now taken off for its appearance at the UN World Climate Conference in Bali, Indonesia, from Dec ...

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17.11.2007Reaching Kolkata - end of leg 4!

Tags: India       Comments: 6

Yeah! We have reached Kolkata and the end of our 4th leg! We get a warm welcome by the people ...


Tags: India       Comments: 1

We all fell sick... story soon to come up here

08.11.2007Visiting Taj Mahal

Tags: India       Comments: 0

Delhi is behind us, and in front of us the great Ganga plain, and world famous Taj Mahal. Our new ...

05.11.2007Meeting Swiss President Michéline Calmy-Rey and this year's Peace Nobel Price Receiver Dr. Pachauri

Tags: India       Comments: 3

It was a big honour for us to meet Swiss President Michéline Calmy-Rey in the Swiss Embassy. She even took ...

02.11.2007Presentation at 4 Delhi schools

Tags: India       Comments: 2

We reached Delhi safely in the morning at 7:00 and rushed to the Swiss Embassy, where Sarah Berry took ...


Tags: India       Comments: 0

Today we visited the Jaipur City Palace and the Maharaja . After that we drove to Amber Fort. This is the ...

30.10.2007Crash in Jaipur

Tags: India       Comments: 0

Almost a desaster! We were on the way to see the Maharaja in Jaipur, when a Hyundai crashed into our ...

28.10.2007Meeting the Maharana of Udaipur

Tags: India       Comments: 1

Today we met the Maharana of Udaipur.

27.10.2007Solartaxi in Udaipur

Tags: India       Comments: 0

Many travellers Magazines say that Udaipur is a place you must have seen in your lifetime. So we drove into ...

26.10.2007From Ahmedabad to Udaipur

Tags: India       Comments: 1

We started early in Ahmedabad in order to make it all the way to Udaipur. Traffic is very slow, and ...

25.10.2007From Vadodara to Ahmedabad

Tags: India       Comments: 3

Today we have finished the repairs in the morning and then immediatly went to present the solartaxi at Delhi Public ...

24.10.2007From Vaslad to Vadodara

Tags: Breakdowns       Comments: 10

Today we dicovered a crack in the chassis, so the whole evening the technicians had to weld the broken tube ...

23.10.2007On the road again!

Tags: India       Comments: 6

Today a new team set off for the tour across India. By the evening we reached Gujarat and the city ...

22.10.2007Events at K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar

Tags: India       Comments: 5

Today we presented the car at the K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar, for students and the press.

21.10.2007Heavy Guys on heavy bikes like environmental friendly solartaxi

Tags: People, India       Comments: 2

They are certainly born to be wild. But when the solartaxi came to town, the heavy bikers of the "Mokha ...

19.10.2007Solartaxi has arrived

Tags: India       Comments: 1

Today the container finally has arrived, and we broke all records by clearing the container at customs within one day ...

17.10.2007Welcome to India

Tags: India       Comments: 6

Our ship has still not arrived. So we have enough time to get to know Mumbai and a country which ...