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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Gottschalk Thomas
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The world needs renewable energies.

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05.09.2007The tour goes on!!

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Today we have received the visa... and the tour goes on!! We stay overnight in Ma'an.

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03.09.2007Our escort cars are fine again, back in Amman

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 3

Back in Amman, we find our escort bus repaired. This, I must mention, is a little miracle, as there are ...

02.09.2007Wadi Rum

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 0

Wadi Rum is one of the highlights of a trip through Jordan. We spend one weekend in Aqaba and Wadi ...


Tags: Jordan       Comments: 0

The United Nations have pubished a report saying that 60 % of the coral reefs of this world will be seriously ...

30.08.2007Waiting for the visa

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 1

We have decided to travel to Aqaba and then wait for the visa here at the Red Sea. Our Toyota ...

28.08.2007Our support vehicle caught fire

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 2

We still don't have any news from Saudi Arabia concerning our visa. So today we went up Mount Nebo ...


Tags: Jordan       Comments: 1

Today we visit Petra. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 when it was described as ...

24.08.2007Dana National Park

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 0

Today we walked around in the Dana National Park. Our stay has been offered by the Royal Society for Conservation ...

23.08.2007visiting schools in Amman

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 9

We visited the Jubilee school and later the Rosary school in Amman and held a presentation. The students are back ...

20.08.2007Another day in Amman

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 6

Today we spent another day in Amman. I held the two more presentations at the Royal Scientific Society and made ...

19.08.2007Meeting Princess Sumaya and Prince Hassan of Jordan

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 2

Princess Sumaya and Prince Hassan came to meet us at the Royal Scientifical Society in Amman. They were both very ...

18.08.2007Two days at the Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 1

We have received a kind invitation from Mr. Bruno Huber, general Manager of the Mövenpick Resort at the Dead Sea ...

16.08.2007Press conference in Amman

Tags: Jordan       Comments: 3

Today we met the Jordanian Environment Minister and many more interested people. Jordan wants to play a significant role in ...

15.08.2007Welcome to Jordan

Tags: Syria, Jordan       Comments: 3

We started early in the morning with the Police escort ... and crossed the border from Syria to Jordan.