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About Solartaxi

Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Damerius Laura
Videowoman in Australia, NYC and Poland
We urgently need new solutions, and with my video work I can reach the people and help to spread new ideas.

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Energieminister Moritz Leuenberger hat in Freiburg ...

08.04.2009KURIER - AUSTRIA

Der Wettermann: Selbst fährt er ein ...


Solartaxi sets world record, reaches home ...


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picture of the day

I dedicate a special page to Vermont. Even though I only spent two days in Vermont, I liked it very ...

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15.09.2008Speaking at HARVARD, MIT and TUFTS in Boston

Tags: United States       Comments: 1

So I made it to the three major universities of Boston, MIT and HARVARD and TUFTS, and I gave a ...

12.09.2008UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon commutes in the solartaxi

Tags: United States       Comments: 5

Secretary-General’s press encounter upon arrival at UN Headquarters
New York, 12 September 2008 (unofficial transcript)

Q: How was the ...

11.09.2008The Solaire: a sustainable building in Manhattan

Tags: United States       Comments: 2

For New York we have planned the longest stay ever during our world tour, for 8 days we are sleeping ...

07.09.2008New York! New York!

Tags: United States       Comments: 10

So on Friday night we have reached New York. I wanted to cross Holland Tunnel, but the Police did not ...

06.09.2008From Washington DC to Philadelphia

Tags: United States       Comments: 2

I love computers. Specially when I sit here for an hour, write all I remember from my Washington DC visit ...

24.08.2008Visiting General Motors

Tags: United States       Comments: 3

On our long tour around the world it was time for the first visit of an automobile manufacturer. We were ...

20.08.2008From Chicago to South Bend

Tags: United States       Comments: 4

Today we had our third very exciting day in Chicago, and then we drove out in the evening to Michigan...



Tags: United States       Comments: 1

After 7 days crossing the Midwest, we reach the third biggest city in the U.S., Chicago. Our press conference ...

08.08.2008Bonus Video (Solartaxi in the Wild Wild West)

Tags: United States       Comments: 3



We were hanging around in L.A. at Ted Levine's place, when he suddenly came up with an ingenius ...

08.08.2008from Moab to Carbondale, Colorado

Tags: United States       Comments: 1

It was a long journey to Colorado but we finally made it.See the pictures!

04.08.2008Solartaxi makes it to Monument Valley

Tags: United States       Comments: 4

A long drive through the desert climate from Las Vegas and we decide to stop in Monument Valley. Here, the ...

01.08.2008Solartaxi goes to Vegas!

Tags: United States       Comments: 2

So after leaving Los Angeles we rolled into Barstow, California for a night. We stopped at a roadside campground sometime ...

31.07.2008Jay Leno meets the Solartaxi

Tags: United States       Comments: 3

Another day in smog-smothering city of Los Angeles. Today started with a trip to Venice beach with the Solartaxi to ...

29.07.2008From LA to San Diego

Tags: United States       Comments: 1

The revolution of automobiles: Visit Aptera near San Diego!


28.07.2008Around Los Angeles

Tags: United States       Comments: 3

See who we met in Los Angeles!


24.07.2008From Merced to Los Angeles

Tags: United States       Comments: 5

We are glad that we made it to Los Angeles! More news soon.


20.07.2008Love, Peace and a Broken Shaft

Tags:       Comments: 0

The Solartaxi conquers the hippie-city of San Francisco: Louis Palmer zooms across the mighty Golden Gate Bridge. But not before ...

19.07.2008Bye bye San Francisco

Tags: United States       Comments: 1

Taking it across the Golden Gate Bridge, presenting the solartaxi at the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Electric Vehicle ...

16.07.2008In San Francisco

Tags: United States       Comments: 16

Lots of things to do in San Francisco: Berkeley, Downtown, Tesla Motors etc.


13.07.2008A broken trailer and a flat tyre in Davis

Tags: United States       Comments: 11

What a great ride across the Redwoods and Northern California. Friendly and very helpful people, great weather and touring with ...

10.07.2008From Seattle to Northern California

Tags: United States       Comments: 4

We are now surfing down the wild Oregon Coast to California. Nice sunshine, great scenery, big fun! From Seattle to ...

05.07.2008Welcome to the USA

Tags: United States       Comments: 5

Today we made it to Seattle! More pictures and tecxt soon to come.