Here you can catch a glimpse of what it looks like to be on the road with the solartaxi through all sorts of different cultures. Choose a clip from the list on the right, or scroll down.

20.12.2008The Last Episode

09.10.2008Finally released: Las Vegas and Monument Valley

21.09.2008Dancing Davey meets the Solartaxi

You might have heard of Dancing Davey; he travels around the world, armed with an ipod, chooses a location and a song, puts up a camera, an off he goes. So far, he's got more than 50 videos online on his blog.

We met him in New york, right in front of the UN headquaters...have a look at this little collaboration. Sadly, the camera tape got involved in some problems, and parts of the footage were lost...forever. that's the stuff legends are made of...

Dancers, podcastviewers, global warming fighters, solartaxi fans, dreamers of all sorts: Enjoy!





12.08.2008Episode 21: San Francisco

24.06.2008Episode 20: Beijing

08.06.2008Episode 19: The Road to Beijing

19.05.2008Episode 18: Shanghai

10.05.2008Episode 17: Arrival in China

12.03.2008Episode 16: Madness in the Nullarbor Plains

07.03.2008Epsiode 15: Adelaide

13.02.2008Episode 14: Melbourne

07.02.2008Episode 13: Sydney

18.12.2007Bali 4

11.12.2007Bali 3

11.12.2007Bali 2

06.12.2007Bali 1

02.12.2007India 7

22.11.2007India 6

21.11.2007India 5

19.11.2007India 4

18.11.2007India 3

09.11.2007India 2

05.11.2007India 1