Around the World with Solar Power

A show that brings Adventure / Motivation / Technology / Fun

The mission is accomplished: Around the World with the Sun! An adventure between Road Movie and Polit Novel. But first of all, there is a dream. To see the beauty of this world, without destroying it! And there is a plan: Not jut watching and waiting until the world is destroyed, no, I want to do something myself! So in 2004, the decision is taken: I want to shake up the world and show that solutions are available, and drive 50000 km around the world! I look for a worldwide network of supporters, and 4 Swiss universities start to develop the car. In July 2007: Start! With 6 square meters of solar cells and a self made car, I am crossing Europe, the Middle East, India, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, the Far East, North America and finally Europe again. Many adventures, unbelievable coinsidence and lots of media are joining me on my tour around the world. I call it a "solar taxi" and take passengers with me, and they couldnt even be more different from each other: Prince Hassan of Jordan, Peace Nobel Price winners, the UN Secretary General, Solar Fans or even a wedding couple or a drunk hitchhiker.

Solutions are available! And change is possible!

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