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About Solartaxi

Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Palmer Louis


Palmer Louis
initiator & tour director & driver
When the whole worlds is talking about Global Warming, it's time to show the solutions!

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16.12.2007Boarding Rainbow Warrior

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 3

Today we have boarded the world's most famous ship, the Rainbow Warrior. It will bring us now to Wangarai ...

15.12.2007Solartaxi powered by "Midnight Oil"

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 0

Today I pick up Dr. Pachauri, Head of the IPCC, at his hotel and give him a ride to the ...

14.12.2007Michael Bloomberg sits, Bianca Jagger drives, Al Gore speaks

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 1

Our first visitor today was Michael Bloomberg, the city mayor of New York. After that, Bianca Jagger, chairwoman of the ...

12.12.2007Getting lost with Achim Steiner

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 1

Nick Nuttal from UNEP called me to pick up the Executive Director of UNEP, Achim Steiner, at the Nico Hotel ...

10.12.2007Visiting Rainbow Warrior

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 0

Today in the afternoon we also visited the world famous Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior, in Benoa harbour. The crew gave us ...

10.12.2007Meeting Doris Leuthard, Federal Council of Switzerland, in Bali

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 0

Today we met Swiss Federal Council Mrs. Doris Leuthard. I explained her how the car works and how many Swiss ...

08.12.2007Solartaxi gives a ride to Bali Santa Claus

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 3

Santa Claus had to visit some children at the Swiss honrorary consul on the evening of Dec. 6. So when ...

06.12.2007Solar Taxi has started operating at UN World Climate Change Conference

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 2

Since three days the solartaxi is now operating at the World Climate Change Conference in the beautiful resort of Nusa ...

04.12.2007Solartaxi arrives at UN world climate change conference

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 8

Today we got to the conference! But the day started with a little breakdown, just when we wanted to start ...

03.12.2007The UN world climate change conference has started

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 1

The UNITED NATIONS WORLD CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE has started today in the beautiful resort of Nusa Dua. It's up ...

01.12.2007Bali island impressions

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 2

Today I dont want to talk about global warming and solar car stuff.

After doing all the paperwork, and while ...

29.11.2007Solartaxi has arrived in Indonesia for World Climate Conference

Tags: Indonesia       Comments: 1

After a few days of negociations, discussions and paper production we have been allowed to import the solartaxi today. That ...