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About Solartaxi

Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Palmer Louis


Palmer Louis
initiator & tour director & driver
When the whole worlds is talking about Global Warming, it's time to show the solutions!

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Energieminister Moritz Leuenberger hat in Freiburg ...

08.04.2009KURIER - AUSTRIA

Der Wettermann: Selbst fährt er ein ...


Solartaxi sets world record, reaches home ...


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picture of the day

Today we reach our second continent: ASIA!!

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30.07.2007Istanbul day No.4

Tags: Turkey       Comments: 1

Thomas and Heinz take care of the trailer at the Technical University, while Katja and me, we are organising the ...

29.07.2007Let's have a rest in Istanbul

Tags: Turkey       Comments: 3

We just have a break today. Tomorrow we will continue working on our car at the Technical University.

28.07.2007The faces of Istanbul

Tags: Turkey       Comments: 0

We visit the bazar and present the solartaxi at the Metro Shopping Centre

27.07.2007Magic Istanbul!!!

Tags: Turkey       Comments: 1

Today we have reached our first leg: 4400 km are done!!

26.07.2007(Almost) in Istanbul!!!

Tags: Turkey       Comments: 2

There are many white sheep and some black sheep. But there is only one blue sheep :)


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From Sofia to Edirne in two days

24.07.2007Meeting the maire of Sofia

Tags: Bulgaria       Comments: 2

Mr. Borissow (right) is meeting the delegation from the Swiss embassy.


Tags: Bulgaria       Comments: 0

Today we have reached Bulgaria!!

21.07.2007Along the Danube River

Tags: Serbia       Comments: 2

Driving from Belgrade down the Danube River. Since we have started, we had a very tight time frame. We were ...


Tags: Serbia       Comments: 9

We make it from Romania to Belgrade! Huge media event in Belgrade!

19.07.2007Welcome to Romania!!

Tags: Romania       Comments: 10

From Szeged we go to Timisoara in Romania

18.07.2007Three interesting days in Budapest

Tags: Hungary       Comments: 1

Meetings in Budapest during three days. Creating awareness for new solutions takes time, and we need a little rest, too ...

15.07.2007Make a rest in Budapest

Tags: Hungary       Comments: 2

On July 15 we reach Budapest and we make a rest now. See the pictures of this beautiful city!!

14.07.2007Three countries in one day: Austria, Slowakia, Hungary

Tags: Slowakia       Comments: 3

From Vienna to Slowakia and along the Danube River into Hungary.

13.07.2007Solartaxi visits United Nations in Vienna

Tags: Austria       Comments: 4

Welcome of the Solartaxi at the United Nations in Vienna.

12.07.2007Rolling over the rolling hills to Brno

Tags: Czech Republic       Comments: 4

Hey, this is a very hilly country!! Cruising from one town and event to another, escorted by the members of ...

10.07.2007From Berlin to Dresden

Tags: Germany       Comments: 3

This long and rainy day takes us from Berlin to Dresden. In Dresden warm welcome by "Solarwatt" and the "IGEL ...

09.07.2007Meetings in Berlin

Tags: Germany       Comments: 1

Today we held the first press conference at the Swiss embassy in Berlin. This was broadcasted on a local TV ...

08.07.2007Sightseeing in Berlin

Tags: Germany       Comments: 2

Today I am drioving around in berlin to see the famous sites

07.07.2007A special wedding in the Schlosshotel Cecilienhof, Potsdam

Tags: Germany       Comments: 5

Today, everything goes well. I reach Potsdam with today's passenger Thomas in the afternoon and join a wedding with ...

06.07.2007A great day in Leipzig

Tags: Germany       Comments: 0

A great day in Leipzig: We visit a school, our mains sponsor Q-Cells in Thalheim and finally end up holding ...

05.07.2007Warm welcome and great program in Arnstadt / Thüringen

Tags: Germany       Comments: 11

In the morning at 11:00 h the Solartaxi arrives on the Market square of Arnstadt in Thüringen. Local partners ...

04.07.2007Stopover in Stuttgart

Tags: Germany       Comments: 2

Different partners have invited the solartaxi for a welcome on the market square in Stuttgart... here we can fill up ...

02.07.2007Bye bye Lucerne!!!

Tags: Switzerland       Comments: 35

The solartaxi takes off in Lucerne, Switzerland, for the first tour around the world with renewable energy. The first passenger ...