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About Solartaxi

Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Damerius Laura


Damerius Laura
Videowoman in Australia, NYC and Poland
We urgently need new solutions, and with my video work I can reach the people and help to spread new ideas.

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08.04.2009KURIER - AUSTRIA

Der Wettermann: Selbst fährt er ein ...


Solartaxi sets world record, reaches home ...


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28.01.2008Pests Will Be Eaten

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 0

On the remote South Island of New Zealand German researchers are hatching ingenious and simple solutions to make the world ...

25.01.2008A Spin in the Solar Fern

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 0

The Solar Taxi flits across New Zealand’s solitary South Island. To Louis Palmer’s surprise, Hummer and muscle-car owners ...

24.01.2008A windy idea from a windy coast

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 0

Have a look at the East Coast near Dunedin. Its wicked and awesome, as Kiwis say.

 Chris from the Polytechnicum ...

23.01.2008At Otago University

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 1

We had received an invitation from Prof. Thomas S. Bley, Head of Design Studies of the Division of Sciences at ...

22.01.2008Shipping the car to Sydney

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 1

Rob Glassey, the team manager of the solar fern solar car, had offered to take me around today for a ...

22.01.2008We Take to the Racetrack

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 0

From a steaming geothermal power plant to an A1 Grand Prix circuit, doors open quickly for Louis Palmer and his ...


Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 2

My New Zealand tour has come to an end today. After giving a roadside interview to the "Press", the local ...

20.01.2008From Kaikoura to Cheviot

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 1

This morning Bob had organised Andrew, a photographer, and a few friends to meet the solartaxi. Bob also brought his ...

19.01.2008From Wellington to Kaikoura

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 1

Overnight the solartaxi was parked at Wwllington's Fire Brigade, so this morning at 7 I picked it up and ...


Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 2

I said bye to Wayne in Palmerston North at 7 in the morning and reached Wellington today. Our programme: Interview ...

17.01.2008Desert Highway

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 2



Today I woke up early, picked up the solartaxi at the Ambulance station in Turangi and drove away. I was ...

17.01.2008A Tank Full of Cooking Oil

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 0

At last, a night of peace and quiet without any splashing and swaying. After four weeks on the high seas ...

16.01.2008From thermal heat to a racetrack

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 1

The second oldest thermal power station in the world is situated in the heart of New Zealands Northern Island. 5 ...

13.01.2008From Whangarei to Auckland

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 1

We received a great welcome by Ulrich Schmid and his brother Klaus in Whangarei. Ulrich is the Biodiesel pioneer of ...

11.01.2008Solartaxi arrives in Whangarei, New Zealand

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 0

After almost 4 weeks on board of the Rainbow Warrior, we arrived today at the harbour of Whangarei. The car ...