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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Grossenbacher Juerg
"Not every day it is possible to join such a tour, but every day it's possible do something to stop global warming"

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From thermal heat to a racetrack16.01.2008

Tags: New Zealand       Comments: 1

Picture of the day

The second oldest thermal power station in the world is situated in the heart of New Zealands Northern Island. 5 % of the countrys electricity is being produced here with renewable energy from underneath the ground, 160 MW, since more than 50 years now. A good reason for a visit!


Tim took me around, where noone is allowed to go: into the steam fields, where 60 dwells bring an enormous amount of steam to the surface, in order to make electricity out of it. After sending the steam through the generators, the water is being pumped back under the Eearth. An even more efficient plant is being planned for this area, making this old plant ready to become a museum for the world's second Geothermal plant.


After this visit, I planned an even more "freaky" place to visit: New Zealands A1 GP. Dozens of racing cars and teams from all over the world meet here for a huge event, more than 15000 spactators are being expected over the weekend. I just drove to the main gate, and much to my surprise, I ended up making a loop on the racetrack! At the end of this event, I was invited to meet Neel Jani, the current leader of the championship, and the Kiwi champion, Jonny Reid. Much to my surprise, he's a Swiss, racing for the Swiss team. He liked the solartaxi and he admitted that we need environmentally friendly cars.


Next weekend, for the first time in history, I was told, new biofuel will be introduced for the first time ever in a GP race, here in Taupo. After hearing the stories from Greenpeace, what is going on in Indonesia and in many other countries, the biodiesel is not an option someone should go for. Palm oil companies stripping peatland forests in Indonesia is just one example. Maize production for car fuel (for huge and heavy cars!) in the US and in Mexico, making food prices soar, that the poor population in Mexico cant afford any more, is another example which shows the negative impact of this new and so called "green" development. Calculating all pollution, the biodiesel could produce more CO2 than the petrol, so global warming could increase even faster. As long as biofuels come from the nearby reastaurant and one is using old fats and oils, it's ok. But this will only be enough for a limited number of cars.





by: akira matsushita

17.01.2008 02:01

Hello Palmer,
I was introduced your name & project from David,the Press,newspaper editor in Christchurch.
If you can make a detour from Christchurch(195km=No traffic lights!! between outside of CHC to Maruia Springs),why do not you come & visit our place on Weekdays?
I will look after for your team's accommodation
(3 Rooms+Dinner+Conti.breakfast)
You will not be disappointed our environment!!
Our place's energy is totally created by ourselves!! 160kw from the Hydrogenerator by the creek Water and showers are heated up by natural Hot Springs Thermal Water!
If you are interested,visit my web.

Have a good solar driving!

PS.The mobile phone is out of range,however you can use the internet by the satellite at our place.


Akira Matsushita
Maruia Springs Thermal Resort

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