Mission Statement

“On 3 July 2007 I set off on my first journey around the world with a solar powered vehicle. Admittedly, as a regular citizen I cannot change the world but I can demonstrate to the world just how dire the global climate situation has become and how many sophisticated solutions to lower the greenhouse gases already exist, which bring with them many other advantages. So that we can have a better world and a more secure future. The solar taxi should rekindle hope and a zest for life, set an example to counteract resignation and stimulate reflection. And show that every single one of us can take a step towards preserving our planet.”


Global warming can be stopped. Solutions are available.



All the CO2 found in crude oil, natural gas, coal and forests will be burned within a century and emitted into the atmosphere. But it doesn’t have to be like this: stop the overexploitation of fossil resources and switch to new technical solutions! This could create new jobs, a new quality of life and new perspectives for the future… These solutions have already been available for a long time but they still suffer from old ways of thinking. The solar taxi champions these ideas. We visit pioneers, who have solutions, and make them and our own message known to the public worldwide.

“When climate protection is on everyone’s mind, it’s time to come up with solutions!” Louis Palmer, Tour Director