For this pioneer expedition, the Solartaxi is looking for drivers and team members throughout the world. It will be accompanied by a technician travelling in a bus, in which approx. 3 - 5 places are always free. Whilst the solar taxi goes to meetings, universities, schools and to environmental projects etc., the bus occasionally makes a sightseeing detour along the route. Approx. 3-5 people can always join the bus, whilst alternately one of them can ride as a passenger in the solar taxi. Thanks to the adjustable steering wheel the passenger can also be the driver in the solar taxi. What do you need to participate? An international driving licence (available from TCS), flexibility, fluency in English (Spanish in Latin America) and to travel with a climate neutral air ticket.

You can travel with us for approx. 3 weeks; after that, the crew is changed.

In particular we are looking for fellow travellers with the following skills:

  • Electrical Engineer (capable of handling a soldering iron and understanding circuiting diagrams)
  • Mechanic (capable of doing repairs in simple garages)
  • Tour Guide (capable of contributing country-specific travel experience, helping to organise the stages on route and making contacts in advance)
  • Photographers and filmmakers (with capability and experience to shoot photos as well as films and edit them on our notebook)
  • Medical (willing and able to attend to sick crew members)
  • Translator (fluency in a local language, but also translator of German to English for the homepage)
  • Web designer (capable of revising and updating our homepage en route)
  • People with a good sense of humour (capable of pushing the project along with humour)
  • Security guards (capable of guarding the solar taxi)

Step 1: Write to us! What travel experience do you have? When and where can you travel with us? What languages? Age? Profession? What can you contribute? Why do you want to travel with us? Etc.

We look forward to every Mail!



Organise an Event in Your Town!

Since we publicised our project, we have received many invitations from all over the world. In order to improve the way we organise these invitations, we have developed a concept, that is, a list with ideas, what we need and what we can offer. We are open to all ideas and are extremely grateful for every invitation, every tip, every hint and every contact. The solar taxi is an open platform for anyone who is involved with global warming in any way. We will come to you and tell you what we have discovered around the world and will tell the world about your ideas and solutions, what is being done in different countries, and what fantastic ideas there are. We want to show that the solutions are already available today. We publish our experiences and insights on various online platforms, so we reach millions of people. Our motto: the more people who know about the solutions, the sooner these solutions will catch on! Join in!

What we offer

The Show:
We will drive around the world and visit associations, organisations, schools, universities, etc. and show them our Adventure Show. We have all the equipment with us: a screen measuring 4 x 3 m, a video projector with a 110V/230 Volt connection and a laptop. We will give you a presentation about how the solar taxi evolved – as the idea of a single person, who had no idea how to build a car, and who found helpers and supporters after all, and thus created a worldwide event. We will also show you the adventure of how the solar taxi drove from Switzerland to you and who we have met on our journey. The event belongs to you: you can invite as many people as you like. We don’t ask for anything in return, so long as admission is free.

Test drive:
We will go for a test drive with everyone who helps us!

We bring people together. The solar taxi´s arrival is a great occasion for inviting people to get together and making contact within your borough or community.

What we need:

We want to meet scientists, politicians, businesses, VIPs, journalists and regular people and we want to learn from them how the climate has changed in their area and what can be done to remedy the effects.

We want to make the world aware of the solar taxi and the other solutions. Would you like to organise the press coverage in your town?

- Do you have a parking space for the vehicle?
- Do you have solar cells on the roof, so that we can refuel with solar power at your place?
- Can your organise accommodation for the team? (approx. 4 - 5 persons)
- Do you know somebody in your town, who should definitely attend the reception of the solar taxi?

- Last but not least: pass the word on!