1986: the first drawing of a solar vehicle, made by young Louis Palmer


June 2005: The trainees of Schnidler Apprenticeship weld the frame together.


October 2005: The Solartaxi assumes shape, soon the first electronical components will be attached.


January 2006: Rockwell Automation initiates the Solartaxi.


February 2006: first test drive on the Bruoch airfield


March 2006: Plasterers of Cirelli, Ebikon LU, design the body of the car.


June 2006: The Solartaxi gets the road worthy certificate.


July 2006: test drive to Barcelona


February 2007: construction of the trailer


April 2007: presentation of the complete car


May 2007: The Solartaxi, painted with the colours of the main sponsor Q-Cells, is ready to go.