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About Solartaxi

Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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WORLD RECORD IS SET at the World Climate Change Conference in Poland! 04.12.2008

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Picture of the day

After 52086 km und 38 countries the solartaxi has arrived at the World Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland, to announce the world record: The first time in history a solar powered car has made it all the way around the world! For this historical moment, it was a big honour having Mr. Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, on board as passenger.

 The solartaxi is now going to stay at the Conference until Dec 12, offerung rides to delegates, press and ministers, before it is heading back to Switzerland.  The final arrival is scheduled to take place in the Technopark Lucerne in Root, at 12:00 h THU Dec 18. Until then, the solartaxi will have travelled almost 18 months and have covered around 54000 km.




by: Joseph

04.12.2008 05:12

Its very good... BRASIL

by: John Ford

04.12.2008 05:12


Congratulations on your achievements at catching the world's attention (you've made our local media here today, even with our current government melt-down underway), breaking records, and the success of your incredible proof-of-concept solar powered vehicle!

We all enjoyed your visit to Ottawa as you passed through our neck of the woods, and the effect it has had on showing us the future of efficient transportation here.

(A Director of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa -

by: Linda

04.12.2008 05:12

Where can I buy one?

by: Rafael Trevisani

04.12.2008 06:12

Solar Taxi in Brazil, I believe.

by: Knut

05.12.2008 12:12


Congratulations !


by: gaby de wilde

05.12.2008 12:12


Here is an even cheaper solution:

Just swap the trailer for a VAWT and save a few thousand, eh I mean billion :)

by: Candy S, Grandview, MO USA

05.12.2008 01:12

That's quite an achievement. Congratulations!

by: Dennis Kramer

05.12.2008 06:12

Bravo, You are the first ever to do this. you rank with the likes of all other world adventurers who have achieved great things. The 1st to the moon among many other first accomplishments.

by: Ulrich Schmid

05.12.2008 07:12

hi louis!
great to hear about and see your fantastic achievement! congratulations! und e schoeni wienacht!

by: Richard

05.12.2008 09:12

Hoi Louis

Absolute amazing.

Will the solar-taxi pass Luxembourg before going back to Schweiz? If yes, please reply to me.

Greetings, Richard

by: Patrick Hubert, SolarNet

05.12.2008 01:12

Bravo Louis,

bonne fin de conference et de voyage, Joyeux Noel & a bientot.

by: Cub

05.12.2008 05:12

Good for you. Now tell the Big 3 in America to kiss off on their bail out.
I would like to own one of your cars to drive around my home in Florida, USA.

by: iggy

05.12.2008 07:12


by: Steve Cornelius

05.12.2008 10:12

Thankyou so much for doing this! The solar powered Sunray SX2 (see it at neighborhood electric vehicle is also a good alternative for short driving in the city. We need to get the cost down on these vehicles so that average person can afford one and will buy one. This is the answer to freedom from bondage to Middle East Oil,and the answer to the environmental issue of global warming.

by: william p martin

06.12.2008 04:12

this is a car that should make history. i wish that the american "big three" would sit up and take notice. a prototype such as this one can prove it's practicality then why not put these ideas to use. we need to eliminate green house gasses and stop wasting fossile fuels NOW !! my hats off to this young man. why can't detroit follow his lead ? could it be more corporate greed? why should the american taxpayers bail them out if all they are going to do is repeat the same fumbles that they have been making for the last 30 or so years?

by: fadakar

06.12.2008 08:12

it is very good project.
I hope to see you soon.

kish island

by: kris

06.12.2008 09:12

Thank you very much for your initiative to save the world.




by: ilya

07.12.2008 12:12

Still take a look at air car...

by: David Cooling

07.12.2008 12:12

Great idea Maybe Warren Buffett will back this project. He seems to be on top of things.

by: Robius Sani Ahmed

07.12.2008 04:12

congrats on ur successful tour.

to save our world from pollution ur team work 4 solar taxi is highly appreciated.
wish u good luck.

b alz hpy

love u all.


by: Junayed

07.12.2008 04:12

By doing this we can really make a difference.

All the best wishes.


by: palash

07.12.2008 05:12

WoW!! When it will availabe in south asia.. n how much cost it?

by: Jahirul Islam

07.12.2008 07:12

we need this thing in Bangladesh.

by: satish

07.12.2008 03:12

It is really good thing for humanbeing. I should congrate to manufacturer and traveller.Future of world will change if it is commercially viable. for us it is news but the impimentor has taken lots of pain for that we should salute them.

by: Mr.yusuf alam runti

07.12.2008 04:12

i like it veryyy y y Good
Congratulations louis
Dj Runti

by: ezequiel

07.12.2008 09:12

i hope that in a few years all the people can have a cars like this .even in argentina

by: massimo

08.12.2008 09:12

Great film, by the way!
And wonderful music!

by: Courtney P.

09.12.2008 06:12

U rock. I want one. Congrats!

by: Andrew Gissing

09.12.2008 07:12


Congratulations on all your efforts and resulting achievements - this is yet another stepping stone towards more efficient alternative energy, and the movement towards a greener future.

Well done from CANADA!~ =-D

by: Carolyn

14.12.2008 03:12

What a fantastic journey you've had and a fantastic product you're sharing with the world. The big 3 bailout funds will be coming from alternative energy funding. Let's direct them towards this project !

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