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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Around London and Coventry12.11.2008

Tags: UK       Comments: 8

Picture of the day

During our 4 days in London I hardly found some time to watch around. On Monday mornin I had to be at BBC again, this time Helen was waiting for the solartaxi. It was quite ironic to make a shooting of a solar car and explaining how it works when it is raining heavily. But Helen and me, we didn;t give up and kept explaining and doing the scenes over and over again. Almost two hours we spent outside in the cold rain, but at least 1 million children could potentially be inspired about a solar car that makes it around the world. We did this for the "Blue Peter", probably the world's oldest tv programm.

Next stop: London Taxi Drivers Association.  25000 drivers and 22000 cabs. Most of the cabs owned by the driver. And one cab costs 40000 Pounds, or a 250 Pounds a week for rent. Pretty amazing to see how this business works, and to hear how everybody complains about high fuel prices. I explained the solar cab, this wouldn't cost more than 8000 Pounds and some 4000Pounds for solar cells on the rooftop of a house. May be the Taxi drivers will wake up, I hope... they would be very powerful if they all wanted to swift to clean energy cabs.

Then back in the Embassy, I received a phone call from Prasad. Pra... who?? To be honnest, I didn't remember him. He told me he was member of the Mocha Bikers Association, and they had escorted me across Mumbai more than one year ago. And Prasant had just seen me yesterday in Picadilly and today again on Tower Bridge, so now he decided to find out my telephone number. Since one month, he said, he lives in London. So I invited him over to my presentation to the Swiss Embassy, and I was very happy to see Prasant again, now I recognised him! Finally I ended up at his place and got great Indian hospitality. Rice & dal :)

The next day I drove the solartaxi up to Coventry. Mario, our tour guide from Jordan, was so entusiastic to organize and event for me 150 km outside of London. But before we really started we visited a city school, where I showed my presentation to 120 pupils. They were listening carefully, and I tried to inspire them with one message: Whatever you want to achieve, you can! In Coventry there were some professors waiting for us, who are working on hybrid cars. Coventry is the heart of the English car industry.



by: Sean Adams

15.11.2008 08:11

Can you build your solar taxi so that you could park under the tow panels? That way your car would be protected from the extreme heat in many areas. But your car is using the towable cells just because you are on an extreme journey I am sure @ home you use just the car to commute and cover your needs.

by: Linda Neely RN

15.11.2008 04:11

How many more panels would you need for regular taxi size and use? for limo? for farm use-pick up truck? minivan? Thank You and God Bless LN Travel RN from Wapakoneta, Ohio

by: Deej

17.11.2008 06:11

well other being a good host, ur indian frnd prasad (!) also happens to be one who has lived the "watever you want you can acheive" statement :) or atleast tries to.. i would know :) given that he is my brother!
great thought u guys! hope the rest of the trip is just as fantastic! good luck!

by: Michael Caldwell

05.12.2008 12:12

My Hat is off to You Sir, I am also an Inventor trying to make a Positive Difference in this World and am working on Our Pollution Problem & May have stumbled onto an idea that Works & Can Decrease the Pollutants that All Fuel engines are putting out by 20 to 30 % and Possibly higher. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Respectfully, Michael

by: yinka oguntokun

05.12.2008 10:12

it's great what you're doing and i pray it catches on, for all our sakes.

i am however disappointed that your 'world' does not appear to have included Africa and South America: developing countries that need alternative energy and would also benefit because of temperate to hot weather

by: Patricia Taylor

05.12.2008 07:12

I cannot get enough of alternative energy. This should have started years ago. Thank you for teaching us the way. But I would like to find out if you are intending to go through Africa and South America as this is where a great deal of rainforest is simply vanishing!
Well done and please, please carry on with your good work. I wonder if this could be introduced as part of the primary school sylabus, I think that the younger the generation is exposed to this new initiatives the better it would be.....

by: Mohammad Kamrul Hassan

08.12.2008 07:12

nothing is impossible beyond the knowledge of people just u proved that. really appreciatable.

by: BEPEN CHANDRA ROY.Bangladesh

08.12.2008 07:12

I am very happy to see the car& wish his good luck

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