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The solar straw bale house in the Khanawake Mohawk Territory24.09.2008

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Picture of the day

This is already my 4th visit to Khanawake in my life. I was invited by the chiefs and I held a presentation to the city council, where I heard about Khanawake's straw bale house. This house belongs to the community, and Lynn was happy to show me the house where she lives in. 

Lynn told me that the house costs same like an ordinary house, except the architects are more expensive, because almost noone knows how to construct it. I imagine it is a great experience to build such a house, as everyone himself can help to build it. It is more fire proof than a conventional building, and consists of healthy materials only. Water is heated by solar and electricty. Hey, why can't I see much more building like this all over the world??

Lynn also told me, that Native Americans are planning seven generations ahead. This house can stand so long, and it is meant to protect the environment - for at least the next 7 generations to come. 

Most carbon emission is produced by houses. Here we have a true solution!

In the last few days the media of Montreal kept me quite busy. I tried to keep two hours a day free for interviews. But it wasn't enough, in Montreal I had to do double media work. But there is an explanation for that: there are two languages here. So every radio and TV station sent two different teams at two different times. So first French, then same thing English. My great host in Montreal was Julianna Priskin. She had also organized an event at UQAM (Universite de Quebec a Montreal) for the Chaire de Touisme Transat, where I showed my presentation and also lots of media showed up. Hm... I forgot my camera that day, so I can't show any pictures of this big Montreal event.

My team has already left Montreal. Frank, after 6 months of travelling with us, in fact since Singapore, is already back home in Switzerland, looking for a new job. And Thomas has left for Europe, too, and he will join me in Barcelona around Oct. 20 again.  So the team will never be the same again. And we all need a break now. But I first have to wait for the ship. Till next Thursday, I have enough time to tour around a little.

Right now, when I write this, I am already in Tadoussac (without the solartaxi). This is probably my favourite place on Earth. I can't travel to Eastern Canada without seeing Tadoussac and watching the whales from the coast. But today it rains, it is even too wet for the whales to show up. No joke, the locals just told me that whales are not showing up so often when it rains :)




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