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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Damerius Laura
Videowoman in Australia, NYC and Poland
We urgently need new solutions, and with my video work I can reach the people and help to spread new ideas.

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New York! New York!07.09.2008

Tags: United States       Comments: 10

Picture of the day

So on Friday night we have reached New York. I wanted to cross Holland Tunnel, but the Police did not allow me. "Trailers are not allowed! Take the Lincoln Tunnel!"

"Sir, where is Lincoln Tunnel?" I asked him.

"Go right, then turn left, right, and right and... "

"Excuse-me, can you say this again?"

 "Ok. I say it one more time: Go right, then turn left, right, and right..."

"Can you speak a little slower?" I asked him.

"Go! I won't tell you a third time!"

Welcome to New York! I finally found Lincoln Tunnel and made it all the wy to Southern Manhattan. I am very surprised to see: Wherever I stop, people always ask me questions, and when I stop for red light, other car drivers always want to know things. "What's the top speed?" is the most usual question, I would say in 90 % of all cases this is what people want to know first. Even in New York City. That's a surprise. Because here, traffic speed is about 2 or 3 miles an hour. At least I can say it took me one and a half hour today to drive from Southern Manhattan to Central Park. Why people ask me about my top speed, I don't know. If someone is in a hurry, he takes the subway. And not a Porsche.

Today I had my first press event in New York. At the  Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, near Central Park. It was fun.

New York is a great city, lots of things to do, and cycling is great. Today I wanted to rent a canoe and enjoy Hudson River. But no way, "for insurance reasons" none of the canoe clubs wanted to rent me a canoe. I could be washed away and end up in New Fundland, they said, and then who would be paying for the rescue? It was raining today, so I stayed at home, playing around with the computer, preparing the next events. Then, in the evening, the sky cleared, we went to Pier 63, to the Greenenergydrink event. I could present the solartaxi idea to a large and pretty interested crowd. We enjoyed a great view over the Hudson River and the Skyline, interesting people, sunset, party and party. 









by: Andrew Johnson

09.09.2008 06:09

Saw the car on the street. Think what you're doing is great! Good luck.

by: Danish Rahi

10.09.2008 06:09

This is indeed a great initiative and a great Design Management model that addresses the Triple Bottom Line (People Planet & Profit) - I would urge all Design Thinkers to support this model and take it to the next level. My warm regards and congratulations to the team.

Pratt Institute NY

by: Gabriel Sierra

10.09.2008 02:09

I saw your car on the net today and I would like to congratulate you for your vision and blindfold removing actions, showing the world that there is a future other than oil. One suggestion for a future car model is to make the trailer part of the car. It sounds weird, as the trailer is indeed part of the car, as it needs it for E-storage. I mean that the chasis could be made so the trailer part does not look like a trailer, but part of the car. This way you might nut run in situations like you mention on your post. Take care! I am itching to know how the car will perform in the long and lonely roads to the west! Keep us posted! A big hugh from Puerto Rico (It would not hurt to include us in your tour!)

by: Indra Balasundaram

11.09.2008 04:09

Louis Palmer, you are a courageous man. To make your vehicle popular and acceptable, design it so that the solar panel is the hood of your car. Instead of a car, try driving a small truck where the roof of the truck is your solar panel so that people will see the real value and that design may be more embraced. Make the side panels, the doors etc all solar panel instead of hauling it as a trailer. I wouldn't mind beta testing your car if it was re-designed minus the trailer. Good Luck Palmer. May the Sun God be with you always :)

by: Roslan

11.09.2008 11:09

Great, Louis and the gangs. You all make it to NY. Take care


11.09.2008 08:09

This is fantastic! We seriously need to replace gasoline with solar power for all vehicles.

by: Weejer

12.09.2008 12:09

Saw you this morning on 55th St in Manhattan. Great to see and best of luck! Walking away I heard some guys talking . . . One guy said 'That thing looks stupid!' The guy next to him replied 'Yeah, but he ain't paying $4 for a gallon of gas, wish I had one of those'. Keep it up!

by: Keith Monahan

12.09.2008 02:09

I been working in the auto industry for 25yrs. Can I purchase one of these vehicle .I belive that this IS the future and I would like a big taste of it. I own a Collision shop along with small car dealership . I would like to make it one of your first dealerships in southern New Jersey. I have extra room on my property . I all so have a network of other larger dealers that I KNOW I could sell to. Please call or write me .I don't want to miss the buss. Thank you for your time , Keith Monahan (609)847-0328 GO GREEN !!!

by: MoniWi

18.09.2008 05:09

sorry for my bad english. I just want to say that i like this Blog.



by: Andrei

19.09.2008 04:09

Ha! I happened upon this site last Saturday, and then ventured into the city a few hours after. What da ya know. The SolarMobile made a turn in front of me on 42nd and 9th, as I was crossing. Right on!

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