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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Grossenbacher Juerg
"Not every day it is possible to join such a tour, but every day it's possible do something to stop global warming"

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We make a break in Toronto27.08.2008

Tags: Canada       Comments: 9

Picture of the day

For four days we make a break in Toronto. Driving was tyring, and now the weather is marvelous, so we spend most of the day answering emails or riding the bicycle and enjoying Toronto's great cyclepaths. These "freewyas" for bicycles lead through untouched wilderness and jungle in the middle of Toronto, sometimes I rather feel being in the middle of Algonquin than in the middle of this urban area of 6 million people. In the meantime, the solartaxi has found a great place to stay, it is at the Canadian National Exhibition. This 3 weeks event draws a crowd of 1.2 million people. 

When we first arrived here, what better guide could I get as a passenger in my taxi than Deputy Major Joe Pantalone? We had a great press vent together in front of city hall before we moved to the CNE ground. Joe told me that more than half f Toronto's population was born outside of North America! Evert year 100'000 more people settle in the area, so the city grows and grows. Another interesting fact is the crime rate: Event though people talk about it a lot, there are not more than about 23 murderings a year here. Compared to a city with similar size like Chicago, this is in fact not a lot: Chicago has more than 500 a year.

The city of Toronto wants to be green and meet the Kyoto protocoll, and Joe told me that they are on the right way. But when I enter the deep forests on my cycle path,  the first thing that happens to me is ... no, I am not attacked by a wild coyote or some strange figures standing behind the trees. No, I get lost! The cycle path suddenly ends at the entry to the parkway, and I am almost run over. I can only hope the green city of Toronto will really support cyclists and not just talk about it. And install some signs and maps so cyclists dont get lost and run over.





by: wanda neely

28.08.2008 12:08

You are searching for an answer for the future. I believe you are seeking in error. Diesel, just
clean up the smell and it will be cheaper. Sorry I think you'r too expensive.

by: mike micklich

28.08.2008 03:08

good going I drive a b4 variant 1000 miles to the tank biodiesel is another great alternative. "maybe we should get together and call ourselves an institute"

by: mike micklich

28.08.2008 03:08

as you make your way though the midwest the bikecentenial route is nice and the "city" parks let you camp for free overnite up to 2 weeks incase of cloudy weather.we went the other way west to east and stayed on chanute oh near where you are now good luck

by: Cathy Sutton

28.08.2008 04:08

I see batteries as going down in price. I also see for now the Electric hybrids as being an affordable alternative. With the Zebra and lithium ion batteries, the vehicle can travel farther, and with the gasoline engine still in place we can accomplish long-distance commutes. However, with a hybrid we are making that gallon of gas go so much farther in city driving. For more discussion, go to

by: Dioxin

28.08.2008 08:08

You write "Driving was tyring".
Do you mean "Driving was tiring"?

by: john dale

30.08.2008 04:08

Great show, keep up the good work. You are doing something so important to the rest of the world, showing the way. Maybe it is not the best, the only, the first, but it is one way.

I envy you,

john dale

by: John Holland

31.08.2008 09:08

Great job so far Louis! Hope all is well. I hope to be able to meet up with you, Frank and Thomas in Washington D.C. Take care!

by: Juan Dixon

10.09.2008 04:09

Very nice but quite limited operation. It is also very expensive, and it needs to carry a big surface of solar cells. You cannot travel during night, nor inside tunnels, neither during dark days. It is not useful as taxi. Just for fun. You must know that, for a normal car carrying four people at 80 km/h, a minimum of 10 kW of power is required. This means, in terms of solar cells operating in a sunny day, fourty square meters of surface. This is a huge surface for a normal car. Not practical, just for fun, and a very expensive toy. I propose you to install the solar cells on the roof of your home, charge batteries with these cells and install the batteries in your car. This clean solution will work night and day, and a lot better. No limits in operation.

by: tholib

11.09.2008 01:09

this car more king in the word.,gccd luck

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