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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Palmer Louis
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When the whole worlds is talking about Global Warming, it's time to show the solutions!

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A broken trailer and a flat tyre in Davis13.07.2008

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Picture of the day

What a great ride across the Redwoods and Northern California. Friendly and very helpful people, great weather and touring with test pilot Heinz Gubler on board made it a unique experence. Only the very hilly scenery and the smoke from the forest fires made it a bit challenging. But suddenly, when we finally arrived in Davis, waiting on the parking lot, our trailer shaft broke and punctured the rear wheel. We were lucky this didn'h happen at a speeed of 50 mph somewhere between elks, bears and bush fires. Heinz and our great local hosts Eugen and Bruce took care of this immediately, so we could exhibit the car as planned in davis and Sacramento.



by: Seye

14.07.2008 05:07

come over to Louisville, KY. We want to host you and express to you our loveliness.



by: Tom Kopp

14.07.2008 01:07

This is great. When will a model be available to the general public?

by: Stacey Charter

14.07.2008 02:07

Thank goodness all are safe. And you are back on the road. Will you come to Pennsylvania and let us host you at Sonobond? We work in the solar industry and would be honored to host you and help you in your journey.

by: Jose Morales

14.07.2008 05:07

Please include Puerto Rico in the world tour.

by: Jeff Treganowan

14.07.2008 06:07

Will this car be available on the market? Or are you willing to share how you built it? The oil companies own the U.S. government and being a U.S. citizen we will never have the opportunity to buy one of these unless some one else develops it and sells it here in the U.S.

Look forward to hearing from you!

by: David Ewing

14.07.2008 06:07

The Reverse Trike Club welcomes you in Houston, Texas for a stopover anytime -

Love to have you on the radio show one Friday.


David Ewing
832.877.5337 Cell
281.357.1645 Office (9am - 9pm Central Standard Time)

by: Liz Boatman

14.07.2008 07:07

I saw your car as I biked into work this morning in Berkeley! In fact, you are parked in front of my building right now and I'm going to come see how awesome your setup really is!

by: Steve Behrens

14.07.2008 07:07

Excellent....Keep it moving.... We're in Royal Palm Beach, Fl. and welcome your arrival here with open arms.
Stay with us.
Steve and Renate


14.07.2008 07:07

Great Job, Maybe you can show our 3-dummies auto makers
how to do it.Lets get oil free. thanks.

by: Rabbi Dali Rick

14.07.2008 09:07

Hey Guys
Saw you in the news great job. If you're in the neighborhood stop by the Cell Habitat, a small colony of artist,engineers and free thinkers we'd be glad to feed ya and put you guys up for the night here at the ranch. The invitation is open just call.

Have a great trip and good luck.
Here is a picture blog of the ranch.

Here's a map

you're bestest pal,
Rabbi Dali Rick

by: Tobias Muench

14.07.2008 10:07

Guys, it was a genuine "Sternstunde" to experience the solar taxi rolling into Davis late Friday July 11. Good luck with the rest of the journey. Very special evening with all those adventure stories from Louis. Thanks much.

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