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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Welcome to Seoul, the Soul of Asia01.06.2008

Tags: South Korea       Comments: 14

Picture of the day

Welcome to Seoul, the Soul of Asia! In Europe we haven't heard much about Korea, so we wonder how this country and this city looks like. Find our first impressions here.



by: Dirk

01.06.2008 07:06

tide hub power plant

by: Jeremy

04.06.2008 01:06

welcome to South Korea. the traffic is hell here. but i hope you can have a decent stay...

by: Shin. so-young

04.06.2008 02:06

Welcome to Seoul!!
I hope peoples know solartaxi's energy south korea.^^
Anyway.. Enjoy it! and Take care..

by: yong-ho kim

04.06.2008 02:06

welcome to 코리아 서울
Solar electric taxi truth army is interesting.

by: Haeseon

04.06.2008 03:06

This Solar Taxi (car) is crucial in Korea and over the world. It's must develop item for Hyundai and must have item for all the drivers.
Hope you will have a good talk with developers and fans.

by: Youn-kyoung. Jung

04.06.2008 03:06

Welcome to Korea! I hope your world tour is successful and you have a good impression for Korea. I really envy you~ ^^

by: June

04.06.2008 03:06

As a Korean citizen, I hope you really enjoy Korea. I saw you what you've done on news this morning, I think it's very meaningful job.

by: hyun

04.06.2008 06:06

Welcome to south korea^^
Your challenge is very envious to me. And way to go!!^^

by: Yi chung-yeol

04.06.2008 06:06

Welcome to seoul!!
Be always healthy. ^^

by: Sang Dae

04.06.2008 07:06

I'm really really intereted about solartaxi.
As the jeremy said, Seoul of Korea's traffic is hell. And also it is cloudy thesedays, but I also hope you enjoy your travel! Welcome!

by: Editha Lee

04.06.2008 08:06

Welcome to Korea!
I'm very impressed on your car and your idea.

And I'm very envy you so much.

Enjoy your trip and good luck!!

Good bye!

by: Hey! I'm SCIS student!

04.06.2008 02:06

Wow ! you are in Korea~! my own country! I'm a Scis student in Shanghai which is the first school you visited in Shanghai~! I'm so happy you got spotlight in Korea ^^ you know,, today in SCIS, I saw your photo on the korean internet site,, then I was quite surprised kk

by: Jazgul from Kyrgyzstan

06.06.2008 09:06

Thank you guys for everything you doing for people!!

thank you Luois for inspired presentation!! I was impressed!

and also, solar taxi is sooooo cute!

by: Sang Jin Kim

24.06.2008 12:06

Welcome to Korea :D

I was so impressed on your car & tour.

Good Luck!!

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