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About Solartaxi

Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Grossenbacher Juerg
"Not every day it is possible to join such a tour, but every day it's possible do something to stop global warming"

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Solartaxi arrives at UN world climate change conference04.12.2007

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Picture of the day

Today we got to the conference! But the day started with a little breakdown, just when we wanted to start driving to the conference center. So first we had to stay at Hanspeter's workshop and Thomas tried to figure out what happened. Imagine this: After almost 14000 km, when nothing happenend, on the first 70 centimeters on Balinese roads the power drive gave no more signal at all. Luckiliy, it was just a fuse that was gone, and noone knows why this happened. And luckily, we found a spare one.

So with Hanspeter as my passenger, I found the way to Nusa Dua and we arrived at the main gate, where the solartaxi had to undergo some checking. Finally, we got a warm welcome at the Westin Resort (where the solartaxi will be parked at night) and the day was already almost over. So we couldn't start our solar shuttle taxi service today, but tomorrow we certainly will!

For the press: For more informations send me an e-mail to
For a ride and unique experience in an environmental friendly vehicle call +41 79 343 88 01

Stay tuned! The next days will be very interesting.


by: Julio Levy

04.12.2007 08:12

Too bad you are not coming to Brazil! I`d love to see this wonderful vehicle!maybe one day we`ll all drive one and make our planet a better place...

by: raras

05.12.2007 08:12

wow!hope everything goes well during the event in Bali. when will solar taxi come to Jakarta?

by: constanze

05.12.2007 03:12

Hallo Solartaxi auf BALI!Ich verfolge Eure Reise schon länger auf Spiegel online. Ich bin selbst Exil-Bayerin in Luzern und war im April auf Bali.Nun dürft Ihr raten, wen ich dort kennengelernt habe!!!HP Müller.Als ich nun von Eurer Werkstatt bei Hanspeter auf Bali gelesen habe, musst ich gleich an ihn denken und habe ihn auf dem Foto erkannt.Viele Grüsse an das sonnige Taxi-Team, HP und seine Bali-Babs aus dem heute sonnigen Luzern - Constanze

by: sri

06.12.2007 03:12


but i too want to see that solar taxi.why dont we use this solar energy to all the vehicles

by: doddy

06.12.2007 10:12

i hope u can enjoy bali, enjoy Indonesia..
i want to know, after the unfccc, where u will go with the solartaxi, i'm in bandung, indonesia, hope u can visit my city,..

by: mada class : 4e at taman rama

07.12.2007 10:12

today on Fri 7 December you come to taman mahatma gandhi i am happy to see your blue cool solar car its so cool you can change the driver without changing sit i like your bell very much how can you make that bell? congratulation i see you with yellow t-shirt talking and explain about the car today. have a good day!!!

by: Ary

07.12.2007 11:12

Great!! Why did you not come to Italy, my country?

by: agus

08.12.2007 01:12

wow... if everyone in the world start using this type of vihicles, the world will be better... we can feel the fresh air again... go go solar car... make the world a better world for all of the living creatures. agus-bali

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