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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Grossenbacher Juerg
"Not every day it is possible to join such a tour, but every day it's possible do something to stop global warming"

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Under Police protection day and night now!!11.08.2007

Tags: Syria       Comments: 8

Picture of the day

After yesterday's crash someone has decided to put our expedition under full POLICE protection. We are not allowed to go anywhere without the POLICE now. They are very helpful, and we are happy for their protection!! They even escorted us to the hotel and to the interent cafe, from where I write now...


by: Roland Reichel

11.08.2007 10:08

Hallo Louis et al,
hope you have a good time in Syria. Did you visit the Photovoltaic Laboratory in Aleppo?
Enjoy Damascus, and all the best for your trip further on to Jordan, Egypt and so on.

Greetings and best regards as well to Eng. Samir Safadi, Chairman of the Board, Syrian Environment Association. I guess, he will take good care of you, your team and the solartaxi.

Greetings from Germany, Roland

by: santiago

12.08.2007 08:08

Hi Louis
I hope you have good time here in syria and not affected by the first accident in syria:)
if you finished visiting aleppo,it is a bad luck for me not to meet you and help you,if not yet,i am longing to meet you and help you and try to make all facilities for you all.
i sent you sms through my cell..
With best wishes AND greetings from Aleppo, Mohamad(santiago)

by: yasser

13.08.2007 02:08

good luck for your trip and hope safeway to you i am a syrian and keep depending on police they are very helpfull for foreign people especially for this kind of nonstandrad trip

by: Ailton Rodrigues de Miranda

13.08.2007 06:08

Meus parabéns, ainda existe pessoas que tem noção da gravidade em que vivemos hoje em dia.
Total apoio, eu tento fazer a minha parte para que o planeta respire pois ele está doente.


by: Evaristo Neto

13.08.2007 07:08

Waiting for you in Brazil, in special my city. Belo Horizonte.

I keep seeing this blog all days.

by: felix avelino de brito guida

13.08.2007 08:08

eu gostaria de saber se vc esta tendo apoio desta pessoas que vc esta visitando como que ele enchergam a sua invenção. olha se fosse por mim se eu fosse um empresário um politico podia ter certeza que eu seria o primeiro a te apoiar neste projeto só assim podemos minimizar esse fenomeno do aquecimento global olha sucesso pra vc e que vc consiga todo esse seu sacrificio por toda humanidade valeu ass: felix avelino de araguaina-TO BRASIL

by: Ghassan Geara

14.08.2007 12:08

If you're still in Lebanon and need any help, we're ready.

I sent you an email on with my mobile in case...

All the best!
Ghassan Geara
1999 Greenpeace campaigner

by: jim stack

18.08.2007 05:08

Nice vehicle. The solar panels would provide even more energy is the angle to the Sun was correct all the time. That is why I have my solar at home tracking the sun at the best angle and use efficient NiMH batteries to drive around.
You also have to be careful the panels don't get broken as you drive around. They are glass and not made for road bumps or accidents.
Drive safe.

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