Energy Concept

How is it possible to power a car with the sun?


The Solartaxi is an electric vehicle with a five-meter solar trailer covered with 6 square meters of solar cells. The electricity is stored in a newly invented ZEBRA battery, so we can even drive at night, without any sunshine. The solar cells on the trailer produce enough electricity to run the car up to 100 km a day.

If we need to drive more than 100 km a day, we need to charge our battery with additional solar power. For this purpose, we have a solar power plant on a rooftop in Berne, Switzerland. This electricity is fed into the grid, offsetting electricity generated by using fossil fuels. It's like paying money into a bank account and withdrawing the money somewhere else: We feed solar electricity into the grid and charge it into our battery anywhere in the world, from the grid. If all cars in the world were powered this way, cars wouldn't cause global warming!

Solar mobility is the way to go!
The Solartaxi demonstrates how it is possible to produce enough electricity with a mere 9 sqare meters of solar cells on a rooftop to drive 15'000 km a year!