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Welcome to the first world tour of a vehicle powered only by solar energy!

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Palmer Louis
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When the whole worlds is talking about Global Warming, it's time to show the solutions!

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The solartaxi has crossed the finish line18.12.2008

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Picture of the day

After 53451 km and 534 days I have arrived back home.

But believe it or not: On the way from Stuttgart home to Lucerne, on the last 250 km, I was so close to loose my vehicle in a crash like nowhere else on the whole world tour. Driving a vehicle with three wheels, with a trailer that has no brakes, in snow - that was a challenge! 

I wanted to drive slow, but then there was a huge pile-up of cars behind me. But if I drove too fast, I risked to end up between the trees. So I had to find a compromise in speed and safety, and when I was driving in the heavy snow fall it seemed to me that these last 250 km were the longest of my whole journey.

I finally decided to stop and wait in Rottweil, a 50 km before the Swiss border, and to continue at night, when there was much less traffic. But again, if I waited too long, the temperature would drop below the freezing point, and I could find myself on a road full of ice, with no grip at all. At the end, it was the right decision to wait, and late at night I arrived at my friend's place in Jestetten. Antonia and Urs were my first hosts on this world tour, when wehad left Switzerland 18 months ago, and now, this welcome meant that they were the last hosts on the tour. 

After a short night with 4 hours of sleep I finally crossed the border to Switzerland in the early morning, because I wanted to avoid rush hour traffic in Zurich. When it snows, traffic usually collapses, and I didnt want to miss my arrival, which was scheduled for 12 o'clock.

Finally I got on time to my old school in Baar, a 20 kilometers before Lucerne, where a  crowd of 400 kids and my old teacher coleagues were waiting for the solartaxi. I had my speech, and then continued, escorted by about 6 electric vehicles, for the last stretch. A few kilometers before the finish line, I picked up one of the politicians of the canton of Lucerne and drove with him through the finish line. There was a huge crowd of supporters, friends and team members waiting for me there. My friend Rolf Demuth from Radio Pilatus was the speaker, and he was worried he didn't know what to talk abou to the crowd, as I was 15 minutes too late. But I guess there is no need for an excuse. This date was set 5 months ago, and I arrived just 15 minutes to late, so what?!

I was overwhelmed to see the people and most of the team members who worked on the car or even travelled with us. Just to mention the ones who travelled long ways, like our Jordanian tour guide Mario, who travelled from London to Switzerland one week ago already, and then ended up in a hospital, as he lost control over his motorbike in the snow. Luckily, the Swiss doctors could fix him, but not so his motorbike. Also our tour guide from Syria, Hassan, has travelled all the way fromhis new home in Bulgaria to meet us.

So in front of all my team members I held my last speech, there was delicious food offered by the Technopark-Luzern, the place where we had our garage and where we ended this world tour.  While we were partying, a truck already loaded the solartaxi and brought it down to Southern Switzerland, for a press conference the next day. The whole team finally went on board of the Aurora, a legendary ship on the Lake of Lucerne, with Captain Mick Baumgartner, an old time neighbour of mine. While we cruised around the lake for a few hours, we shared our stories and ate some great Thai food, prepared by my brother's wife. 

That was it. Yes, this chapter is closed. The solartaxi tour has come to an end. No matter if we are sad or not, or if we can believe it or not, from one moment to another, that was it.

But does anyone believe that it is all over now?

No way!

Just about everyone I met from my team and my supporters is eager to make it once again. Yes, we want to go again!

I will keep you updated. Stay tuned. This tour was just the test drive!






by: syd

21.12.2008 05:12

thanks for coming to our house guys!!! :) it was sooooooooooooo fun! your awsome! and congratulations!

by: Przemo & Kasia

22.12.2008 03:12

Louis! Great congratulations from the Poland

from Przemo and Kasia

by: Michael Adams

23.12.2008 09:12

Congratulations! Your team has proven what many of us have known for the last 30 to 40 years. Mankind has had the technology for a long time now to replace many uses for dino-fuel. I have been preaching this since I was fifteen and now I am forty eight years old. Your team has given me renewed hope that it may not be to late for our species to stop its death spiral into history. Changing over the infrastructure to allow for solar to blossom will take mass prodution. PLEASE get ahold of those with power and money to awaken them that the time for action is NOW! The release of these benificial technologies to all of mankind must be and no greeding upon it for only the wealthy will not be tolerated by the creation or creator and certainly not by history. Solar can be the salvation of not only nations but of future life. OK enough preaching. I would very much like to be part of this new and long awaited team of Earth saving technology. All my best wishes, love and respect. Michael A.

by: jurn

24.12.2008 11:12

Louis! congratulations to you and your team. I'm looking forward to your new chalange greetings from the netherlands.
jeroen (alias jurn)

by: Michael Stoss

29.12.2008 06:12

Well done, Louis! Sometimes the world needs things to be done instead of talked about. Take a breath, enjoy your time home then then start thinking about your next project in 2009 :-)

Happy New Year,

by: francisco espinosa .alias pancho villa

03.01.2009 09:01

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